About Justin Fischer (me)
I am a Senior Producer in the video games industry with 7 years of experience and 8 titles under my belt (plus two more that never made it to market). I am an unabashed advocate of Scrum and cross-disciplinary teamwork, and harsh critic of centralized decision making and waterfall planning. Before the games industry, I was in a punk band, worked on a CourtTV show about psychics, and earned the scars to prove it. In my private life, I am pursuing an MBA, I manage two attention starved rescue animals, and I brew beer. I have a passion for terrible 80’s action movies, I enjoy reading about history, sociology, and economics, and I love music of any genre, as long as it isn’t the result of some contrived writing session with a bunch of overpaid, hit cranking “producers” – but that rant would be a blog in and of itself.

I also am co-founder of Clockwork Otter, a team of industry veterans making tools for Unity 3D. Follow us on Twitter here: @_clockworkotter

Oh, and I play video games.

My LinkedIn profile can be found here.

About this blog
I have two real goals with this blog:
1. Provide some insight and, dare I say it, sanity to the discussion of the business side of the games industry, and counter-balance some of the well intentioned – but often misinformed – hand wringing around the internet.
2. Document what happens when a dude who makes games attempts to become a dude with an MBA who makes games.

The name of this blog is a play on the slang term jazz players use to describe classical musicians. It should not be taken as an actual statement on the legitimacy or illegitimacy of gaming.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are entirely my own.


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